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My new Comanche...


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Ok guys n gals I have just recently bought my first Jeep Comanche. jamminz.gif It's an 89 model short bed 4x4 with an ax-15 and 4 liter.

I bought the truck for 700 from a girl in KY that had buried it in a mud hole. :cheers: I have been looking on here for a few weeks now and

I have found a lot of information. I have used the search feature, but still have a few questions.


1. Will a reese hitch from a cherokee fit the comanche? :???:

2. When people on this board refer to a "waggy" dana 44 rear end on here are they talking about the fsj?

3. Is there anyway to tell what model my jeep comanche was? It has been painted silver. :dunno:


I will post some pics tomorrow as I will be reinstalling the cylinder head on the renix engine.


Thanks all

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1. No - you'd be better off with a universal type hitch from u-haul IMO


2. :dunno: I've wondered that too. I belive that a Grand "waggy", the older version is an FSJ. As far as I know the XJ shared the Wagoneer/Cherokee name for several years until the Grand Cherokee (ZJ) came out.


3. You should be able to get the model from the VIN#. Search VIN id.

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Wal Mart has a very good universal hitch. Waggy refers to the FSJ. The sixth number in the VIN is the series.








Huh, my comanche is a sport truck but my 6th number is 6. Are they the same(sportruck and eliminator)? :dunno:

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