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need to look up a vin @ dealership...


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I'm trying to find out if the '98 xj I stripped had keyless entry...it had full power and whatnot, the PO said they used to have a remote for it, but lost it.


I just need to know so that I can get a fob for it and use keyless.



any chance anyone can run a vin for me if I post it up?

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The keyless entry module should be under the interior light on the ceiling. If you pop that cover off, there should be a little circuit board in there. Although, I've never had an XJ that didn't have keyless entry so there might still be a little circuit board in there regardless...


I just had two key fobs reprogrammed for me on my XJ and the dealer charged me $45 to plug in their DRB-III to my car and spend less than five minutes reprogramming the used key fobs I brought them.

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