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So. this is the strangest thing. When i bought my 87 the only thing on the dash that worked was the speedo. after a weekend of wheeling at our local ORV park all of my guages work again. i was supprised to see it come to life when i started it up this morning. i must have banged it around enough to re connect something. also in the morning when she's cold she shifts alittle rough. I can feel the gears rub alittle when i shift. especially into first. but as soon as she gets warmed up she shifts perfect. is that a common problem with jeeps? would a good tranny flush clean that up? i am supposed to go wheeling again this weekend but i`m scared i`ll rattle it all loose again. I took it up a pretty steep hill climb in some pretty soupy mud and she climbed like a dream. this is my first jeep so i`m kind of new to all of their quirks. but i am really happy that i bought it. Also i was wondering about a lift. i know that rancho makes a 3" kit does any one have that lift or can anyone recomend a better one? thanks again!

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is your tranny stock?


does it whine at all in 1st or 5th? these are the signs of a dying BA10.


i know mine is giong out, and getting it into 2nd is a chore sometimes. and i can definately feel the gears attacking each other when I'm shifting.


i would flush it and find a good synthetic gear oil to run.

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As far as i know everything in my 87 is stock. It does whine out in first around 1500 RPMs and it shutters at around 20 MPH in second and around 20 to 25 in third. its really weird. it feels like its slipping out of gear for a split second and then right back in. but as soon as i pass 35 MPH she cruises right along. on the highway she seems like 65-70 is all she's got. i know that it`s geared pretty low. so i wasnt expecting a speed demon. any way what about lift kits? i really want to install one but i don't know wich one is the best. as always any help is very much appreciated!


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depends, were you set on a 3" lift? theres not much thats truly GREAT in that size range...


rustys has 4" lift leafs that stay SUA, so no mods are really needed back there but longer shocks and brakelines and such. thats the closest lift pack to 3" that i know of.


if you wouldnt mind being at 6" you could go with the Rubicon Express kit (they make AWESOME lifts, my brother runs one on his XJ)


other companies make them like rocky road offroad, but their kit doesnt address the control arms which will need changing at about 5-6" of lift.






on the rockyroad site you'll have to go to cherokee lift kits, they throw the MJ lift in with those.

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the gauges sounds like the fuse since in the older trucks everything but the speedo is electric, my fuse was old and nasty and once i put a new one in my gauge problems went away.


i was also wondering, since its along the same lines. what oil does the ba-10 use. mine has 200k on it, and i think it could use a change of fluids. is it just gear oil like a 75w or motor oil like the ax-15s use.

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