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O2 sensor replacement, and speedo cable replacement

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brake fluid works pretty good as a rust buster on the O2 sensor just make sure its not hot. sometimes you need a special socket for the sensor too.



I bought an O2 sensor socket. Ain't no way on God's green earth to fit it up between the frame rail and the manifold to get it on the sensor. I ended up doing what I've always done -- used a large, economy size metric Crescent wrench.





(That's a joke, for those of you too young to know WTF a Crescent wrench is.)

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You were right I have about three different O2 sockets or wrenches, and non of them would work, I had to resort to an old favorite of mine, a Vise Grips that has a piece of 1/2" ar stock welded onto the handle. it was slow but it got it out.

Now that the new one is in and working, we still have an exhaust leak. It appear that the EGR tube is leaking where it threads into the exhaust Manifold. Anyody got any hints on that one?


thanks for all of the replies and support

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