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7 slots in the grille? 8 or 10 ??????

Guest fernando casa

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As far as I know and have read the idea of Jeep has been to preserve the tradition of the seven slots in the grille. As a matter of act, the logo "Only in a jeep" has 7 slots.

But my comanche has 10 slots and I have seen some cherokees in Argentina with 8.

Can any one tell me why?


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it was just an AMC thing for the most part. i think they thought with the width and look of the XJs in 84 and the MJs in 86 they needed more then 7. so they started with 10 slots then in 88 changed it to 8 slots. the XJ then moved to 7 in 97 IIRC. some limited XJs even had many tiny slots. not sure if it was the wagoneer XJs or what.



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