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POR-15 question

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alright ive ordered up a quart and I'm wondering if anybody bought the prep sprays they have or what you did to prep before putting it on? my floorboards are pretty clean so really i was just going to wipe it down with a cleaner, let dry, then apply. is that fine or should i just go on and get the metal ready spray they have? :dunno: thanks

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The prep stuff is actually decent,

I use the 'Marine Clean' for plastics, and it works great (especially good at cleaning the underhood coolant/washer fluid containers).


POR-15 defiantly can be used without the prep stuff,

but I will say when it fails to adhere to something, it usually comes off in sheets (like failed powdercoating).


I've had one, or two sections of POR-15 fail on me, even after using the prep materials,

so even that's not 100% fool proof.


But either way,

the paint is so expensive, compared to the prep materials, it's cheap insurance.

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