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I'm not sure what the 3" kit comes with now days but, I bought the 3" rough country kit in 1997 for like $100 from JC Whitney but i never put it on. My kit came with short add a leaves designed for a XJ it probably wouldent have lifted the rear much anyways. and No shocks!


Now i have Rustys 3" coils ($100) and full length Rustys Add A Leaves made for MJ's ($69). I'm happy with the price and quality of rustys springs. I bought Shocks from superlifts blemish store on ebay $10 a shock. its good cheap way to lift without spending to much. You might need longer brake line in the rear or drop the hard line down a little with a bracket though.

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if you get it from rough country it comes with what you need. i also have the rustys 3" lift on my 91 and i like it so far. it rides ok and fits 31s nice without trimming. in the future i am going to add an inch or two though so i have more clearance since i hate cuttin.



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Rough Country was having problems finding some one to give good feedback on their MJ kits. They don’t sale many MJ lifts. Face it there aren’t many of us out there compared to the Comanche cousins. We are a dealer for Rough Country and currently testing their 4.5” lift on our shop truck and it was pretty complete and retails for a nice price. The 3” Kit includes front coil springs, 4 Heckethorn 8000 series shocks, and rear add-a-leafs. Should take you 4-6 hours to install, faster if you are use to the MJ/XJ front ends. If you need any more info on it or looking to get one let me know. If you have one and think you are missing something I will help you get it.

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