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'97 Rear Fender Flares

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I was looking at the bushwacker website and noticed that their part numbers for the 2 dr. XJ are the same as the MJ, so it got me thinking. Would rear flares from a 2 dr. Cherokee ('97+) fit on a MJ? The mismatched flares is one of the big things keeping me from doing the front end swap.

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Well the shape is similar however the 97+ uses the Bumper end cap to finish off the bottom of the flare so It might look odd unless you can incorperate the end cap...


I was thinking of doing the OE flares when I first did my 98 Conversion and Was going to make a custom rear flare by plastic welding two rears together but instead I just went with Bushwackers for the ease and simplicity of replacement parts...

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