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WARNING 1995 H.O Tech! CPS Bolt Size?

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Bought a minty '95 XJ Sport. Fleet package, only been in Ontario 4 years - prior to that she was an Albertan XJ.


Needs a CPS. Bought a new one, yanked the front d/s and am left with a few more questions.


What are the bolt head size?


What's the easiest way to get the beggar out?

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Bolt head is 11mm. So now's the time to get your 11mm stuff out of your box for its only use.


Last time I changed one on a 4.0, I had to break it loose from behind with a ton of extensions, then I very slowly worked them out with an 11mm wrench from up front.


It's somewhat time consuming, as they like to do the whole half turn, gets finger loose, take wrench off, turn half way, tightens back up, put wrench back on... etc.


Just have a little patience. If it's an auto, dropping a bolt into the bellhousing isn't that bad... if it's a stick, it's a little more of a pain, so try not to do it.

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