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2wd ax15 can it be made into a 4wd tansmission???

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Hey guys long time no posts I just recently bought another mj project soon to be a full build thread haha. It has the ax15 2wd 5spd trans and I was wondering if this trans could be made into a 4wd ax15 trans since they arent that easy to find around my way cheap. If it can what needs to be done and what parts do I need?? I was thinking the rear tailhousing off of a 4wd trans but does the output shaft need to be swapped also? has anyone done this please let me know I honestly havent even looked at an ax15 in along time since Ive been doing chevys latly so I don't know what this would require. thanks alot!

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First question: Yes

Is it worth it, no.

It requires swapping out the mainshaft and tail assy. Pretty much the guts out of a 4x4 AX15. At that point you'd be miles ahead to just swap in the 4x4 AX15. Besides, to swap those parts you would have to cannibalize and destroy a perfectly good 4x4 tranny. IMO not worth the time money and effort, bite the bullet, and swap correct tranny in.

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Unless you found any already dead 4wd AX-15 with a good output shaft and tail section.. then it's not really worth it. As stated, you'd be taking apart a 4wd AX-15 and a 2wd AX-15 to make a 4wd AX-15. It'd probably be harder to find the individual parts than a whole 4wd trans.

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