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bolt size

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i pulled the aw4 out of my cherokee the trans was only holding by 1 bolt at about the 10 clock postion . the one at 9 o clock was just dangling there i thought they were metric 3/9 o clock are 3/8th the 2 others were 7/16th. the top where the torx are 7/16th dosent seem to fit . i don't want to strip them out what are they supposed to be thanks.


as a bonus it had a mopar replacement engine in it

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Which one? (This is an NV3550, but the top bolts are the same)




The Torx and Bellhousing to motor bolts thread in from the back into the block. The Top Plate bolts thread in from the front, through the dust plate in front of the flywheel into the bellhousing.

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