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Assorted Smilies

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:D :eek: :fs1: :cheers: 8) :oops: :roll: ;) :bowdown:

jamminz.gif :brows: :headpop: :no: :mad: :USAflag: :Canadaflag: :chillin: :idea: :nuts:

:popcorn: :redX: :help: :typing: :waving: :clapping: :???: :yes:

:ack: :( :smart: :dunno: :hijack:

:huh???: :rotf: :wavey: :shake: :agree:

:drool: :wall: :doh: :thumbsup: :banana: image_209027.gifimage_209027.gifimage_209027.gif :rotfl2:

:fool: :hmm: soapbox.gif :rant: :dunce: :grrrr:

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