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'89 Comanche "little blue"

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Here it was when I got it.

'89 Comanche 4.0 BA10 NP231, SOA rear, home brewed spacers front, 33's


Now in the shop patiently waiting


Cherrybomb glasspack


BA10 to AX15 swap

width=1100 height=825http://i41.tinypic.com/2e50dxe.jpg[/img]

width=1100 height=825http://i42.tinypic.com/flzrs2.jpg[/img]

The all mighty Comanche Dana 44 :bowdown:

width=1100 height=825http://i44.tinypic.com/i4itq8.jpg[/img]

Any guesses why my lights didn't work? :dunno:


Header panel, Bumper, and Rad pulled


Current Plans include:

New exhaust manifold

closed to open cooling system

Aussie locker (Ordered)

New shocks

New front U-Joints

New LCA's

Lift coils instead of home brewed coil Spacers

Nothin to major, just lookin for a fun, capable bush toy

(Pictures came off a 7.2 megapixel camera, don't think I had the settings right)

edit**Could somebody fix my picture links?

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Put the new manifold. If you "massage" a little a H.O. manifold will bolt right up.


Bolted on some newer Rancho rs3000's,

Got my wiring working for the most part.

Cleaned throttle body,

Extended the wires on the O2 sensor so as they will work on a Cherokee downpipe.

Took about half as long to put the manifold in as it did to take it out

Doesn't seem like much when I write it down, but it was all very time consuming.

All this has took past in the last 3 months, just never got around to making a buildup

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And now for the recent:

-Couldn't get an Aussie due to them being on back order, but the guy gave me a lock right for the same price, it's installed in the carrier. But found out I needed new axle seals.

-Got the exhaust just about finished ned one more weld.

-Got most of the wirin done, P.O. lit it on fire and didn't bother rewiring lights.

-Found out my fuel pump is screwed, so I am in the process of trying to make a tank out of a '89 ford F150 fit. (if it doesn't I'll put a tank in out of an old cherokee)

-Need a shift linkage for the AX15 due to using it elsewhere.

-Still need rear shock mounts.

-Re installed the closed cooling system again as the other radiator for open conversion leaked like crazy.

-Got some different LCA's due to P.O. "modifying them to minimize tire rub" :shake: Pics when I swap them out.

Sorry for the lack of pics but cannot find the camera :oops:

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