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bell housing

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will a bell housing and a nv3500 from a 97 4 cylinder wrangler fit on a 4.0 liter 1988 mj? :dunno:


NV3500 is the Chrysler version, that has a cast in bellhousing (one piece with the transmission, yeah that was a stupid idea. :yes: )

NV3550 was the version used on Jeep's (4.0L), starting in 2000.

It used a separate bellhousing (same bell as the AX-15, for interchangeability)


Some AMC/Jeep 4 cylinders did get NV3550's behind them, but only when used in Dakota's.


And like everyone said, 4.0L's have a different bell pattern than 2.5L's.

4.0L's got the same bell pattern as 1972+ AMC/Jeep L6's & 66-91 AMC V8's.

2.5L AMC's got the metric GM bell pattern.


I don't know what year Wranglers switched to the Neon 4cyl,

I had already stopped caring by then. :D

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