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will a cherokee fender fit the manche?

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yeah they will fit but when I did mine I had to take the front part to as it does not attach to the fenders the same way


studs instead of screws ......do a search on the forum and you should come up with some real good project post

lots of people do that mod on this site

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If your original fenders still have it, remember to remove the comanche badge before junking them!


That's about the only thing I can think of :thumbup: oh except when you pull the fenders, use a steel wire brush to clean most of the rust off those stupid bolt studs going into the header panel and be VERY VERY careful unscrewing the 13mm nuts off them, or they WILL break! If they start feeling like they are binding, screw them back on about half a turn and then back them out a bit. Use enough penetrating oil that Obama will call you up and threaten to sic BP on your @$$, too.

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