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Late Model GM 6.0L swap

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I have a 2000 era 6.0L (LS derivative) short block that was originally headed for musclecarville, but I'm a long way off from getting to that project (read that as years). SO, instead of letting it rot, I am debating swapping it in my '88 Comanche to make for a nice modern drivetrain for the beast. Anyone done this swap? (poked around here a bit with no informational luck). If so, what transmission/transfer case worked out? links?




'88 Comanche

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I don't know about a comanche, but the fastest car I have ever been in had one of those. It is a 88 Firebird with a turbo 6.0 LQ4, making 700hp to the flexplate, he runs mid 9s in the quarter. Plus, besides the turbo and a cam, the motor is completely stock :eek:


Just saying there is an incredible amount of potential to these motors, but personally if I were to do it, I would run an aluminum 5.3 for weight savings, and it'd probably get way better fuel economy than the 4.0.

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Plans for a V8 swap are in the future for me as well , However I'm gearing myself up the amount of work it will take to fabricate almost everything it will need .

The radiator and fan system will be some doing for sure , suspension will have to be modified to hold all the new weight , wiring harness and CPU will probably be real fun ....

Gauges and meters will all be redone , Unibody frame rails reinforced with steel , motor mounts and brackets will have to be either fabricated or modified aftermarket .

Lots of other little little things like intake box and other little clips and sensors on the newer motors .


All in all its an amazing amount of work but I thinks it would be badd@zz ..... jamminz.gif


Its going to be easier for me because I plan on just using two wheel drive , I'm going to let all that power to the rear wheels and see what happens ... comancheB.gif

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as stated your gunna need to do a lot of fabricating, youll have to reinforce the unibody(especially around the motor mounts), and all the wiering and computer stuff will have to come from the donor, same with cooling stuff. also thats alot of rngine to put under the hood of an mj and you may never get it to cool good.

on the other side of the coin. it will be bad @$$ and i really wanna see someone do it

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