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front end

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What parts ? LCA's , UCA's , coils . They can be done for a major improvement over stock . Non disco HP D30's were common in the 90"s , brake upgrades and motor upgrades

as well .

Let us know what you want to do ..

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WOOOPS , Sorry when I hear front end , I start thinking of 90% of the whole truck is front end .


Header panel and front clip ? New style fenders and doors , front header panel , lights , wiring and vac canister relocation ?

What else ? Oh' the new style strikers in the jams !

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with the front end (header panel, fenders, bumper) it is direct bolt on for 87 and up Comanches you just need to do a little wiring. only problem is if you just swap the header panel and leave the old fenders it will have a little gap where they meet and there is no way to bolt the header panel on the bottom because the new fenders have a stud on them for that. 86 I believe you need to do some modding. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11270

doors will need the striker changed and then I believe they will fit fine.

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