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I also have a starting problem

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Ladies, Gentlemen It's time for my daily thread.


Went wheelin today, had a hard time getting up a certian spot on the trail, I had a friend wrestle my Mj through the muck. This guy beat the crap out of my poor rig. I didn't see this part happen but a friend did, apperntly my motor was smoking and shooting out what appeared to be dripping metal by the tranny. ( I have no idea if this actualy happened as I was behind the truck rather then in the front) Well after it got up and I got back in her she quickly stalled and died. The truck would not start so we had to pop start it, thus the problems began.

When you turn the key the E-fan will turn on no problem as will the headlights, markers, tailights and blinkers. All elctrical things are working fine, But nothing else happens. You can turn it and turn and all you will hear is the soleniod clicking. I tried whacking the starter around with a hammer and that sorta helped kinda...Now it seems if you if you turn the key about 4..5 times the starter will spin and the motor will turn over for a second the starter will grind and click and turn the motor over again then grind some more then die.

Sorta sounds like this Turn over grind turn over grind grind grind click click turn over grind die.


The starter was replaced within the last 2,000 miles so I'm going to cry if I need another one already.


I checked all the conections and everything is good, battery cables tight, starter cables snug as a bug, and everything inbetween is secure.


Now the things we have come up with....

Starter is dead/has a nasty flat spot

The wiring is really messed up

Alt is dead?

Motor over heated and caused internal damage (Thus smoke/dripping metal) making it not want to ever start again.


Good goly without you guys I'd be screwed.


Edit:Completly forgot about this, after this event the tranny makes a high pitch squeeling around 2,000rpm in 1st and 2nd idk if that has somthing to do with it

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Pulled the starter. it seems as if it's begining to seize up. Dropped the tranny, clutch is fried. Oh and found that smokey drippy metal! Fly wheel in warped well I think thats it.


Moral of the story, don't let some one else drive your rig. But ont he bright side these are just so new things for the Mj!

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