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Jeep rim back space

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I mounted up the Ruby rims on the MJ today. Got the ruler out and measured there BS. Guess what, its 4.75"!! Kinda figure it was less as the Ruby uses a wider tire with side biters (MT-R) and there flairs are wider to accommodate. But I haven't had any that I could measure till now.



I already knew the number, but also measured the phone dial jeep rims my BFG MT's are mounted on. They are 5.25". Now the pic shows 5 3/8" but the straight edge was up on the lip of the rim giving it an additional 1/8".



If anyone else can provide pictures and information please feel free to update this thread. Maybe it can be a source for information on a active topic here on C.C.



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I checked the rims, I cannot see the back but nothing for size on the front facing surfaces. Your correct though, I too have seen the sizes molded right into the rim.


I have herd different BS numbers for these rims as well. This removes all doubt. 4.75" is what the BS of a 2005 16"X8" Rubicon rim is.



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