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Fuel rail and fuel line question

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Was in the process of taking of the intake and exhaust manifold to get at a freeze plug and have run into a little snag. Mj is a 1991 4.0L There are 2 fuel lines that rune to the fuel rail. The lines don't want to come off the fuel rail. Is there a secret to get these lines off? They seem to be a push on connector but I can't seem to budge them.

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If your trying to replace the freeze plug on the side of the block,you can without pulling the intake/exhaust manifolds. I speak from experience. It aint easy but can be done. If your lucky and get access to a installer tool, some auto parts stores might have loaners. I had to use a socket and wobble extension. Took awhile, but worth not having to pull manifolds. Good luck.

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