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Explorer years?

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i kind of remember a list of years of explorers to look for for an 8.8 swap, but can't find it. Just wondering what years people usually go with. I am looking to get one with discs also. And my other question was if they were common with 3.55's? :cheers:

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95-01 have disks. 3.73 are the most common I've seen, followed by 4.10s and 3.55s. car-part.com may be of some help. There's no difference between v8s and v6s that you'll care about (different bracketry you'll be cutting off anyway).

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Explorer Axle Codes, just open the door and take a look at the tag


Code Description Capacity Ratio

41 Open 8.8" 3200 3.27


43 Open 8.8" 3200 3.08


44 Open 8.8" 3200 3.73


45 Open 8.8" 3200 3.55


D1 L/S 8.8" 3200 3.27


D2 L/S 8.8" 3200 4.10


D4 L/S 8.8" 3200 3.73


D5 L/S 8.8" 3200 3.73

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