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What sensor is in the picture

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What sensor is this it is on a 87 MJ 2.5 with a AX5 trans and 4X4. It is located on the far rear of the intake manifold. the insulation on the wires is gone and I have been having a problem with the truck not going past idle after its warmed up. I disconnected the O2 sensor when I brought it home and it ran fine but after that back to its old ways . Could this sensor possibly caused my problems? The wires were touching when I noticed them. I know I could just go drive it but the front end is apart right now so I can't do that yet. Image Not Found you can actually see where the wires were touching ??? I really hope this was the root of the problem.... :banana:

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yes, MAT sensor.


If you decide to replace it (and can find a new one for sale anywhere) be very gentle with it. The threaded part beneath the hex head is very prone to snapping off flush in the manifold. PITA to get the remnants of it out without dropping little bits of it into the manifold.



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