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Binghamton, NY - 1988 MJ Rough Shape

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If it were 4WD, pretty sure it would have the 4x4 badge directly underneath of the black vents behind the doors - at least I think it would. Any 4WD MJ I've owned has had the badge.


I would say let it sit and up on Craigslist for a while and the guy may come down in price. Too far of a drive for me to get one in such lousy shape and I've got my eye on a local one that is slowly coming down in price ;)

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Your right on the badge, except on '87's the 4X4 badge was on the rear quarter of the box.


The front end looks low in the wheel well, that's what draw me to think it's 2wd. There is a one inch difference between the 2wd and 4wd in front and rear height.


The problem with all that body rust.........it leads to frame rot too :eek:


Like I said, too much for the condition it's in, and more that likely it's got frame rot, and is just a parter with high mileage :shake:


Plus.......it's 4 hours to Binghamton for me too......and I do have a job coming up that way in the next 2 months :brows:


I only get the local rot boxes for the parts, I still believe in heading south for the clean body's, and it's worth it :yes:

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I'm in Jamestown, I might be willing to drive out there for pics. It is about 2 hours away.



:eek: I was just in Jamestown 2 weeks ago :wavey:



Working on the "New" Tops market :roll:


I don't think any additional pictures are needed on that MJ, I'll call frame rot from what I seen :shake:

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