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Guess what I did today:

Sir Sam

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Well loaded up the Jeep with the tools and my buddy Justin, and drove back down to the junkyard.


Got down there and started pulling an axle. Before I got too much into it I looked back at what was supporting the rear of the Exploder.




Well almost nothing, someone had jacked up the rear and set the leaf springs on some brake disks. BUT only the passenger leaf was touching the disk, the drivers side, not at all.


So I'm sitting cross legged on the ground going "this seems like it would be unstable, let's gently shake the vehicle to see. I grab and gently shake the vehicle to have my efforts rewarded by the vehicle sliding several inches.


So I bolt up(and hit my head on the exploder next to this one), and get back away from it. My buddy shows back up a few minutes later after looking for a 5.2 alternator, and I show him what happened. we decided the best course of action was to jack it up in the back, and then shove a tire and wheel between the bumper and the concrete block. So we grab a jack and are trying to get it to work. In the process of doing so I rest my left hand on the exploder and lean it to get a better look at the jack(seeing how it seemed it was screwed up). Just the slight bit of pressure sent the exploder flying off the disk and smacking down into the concrete block.


After that it was still resting somewhat precariously so we decided it wasn't worth it for a potential $75 profit each.


Plus I got a Dana 60 and XJ 44 to sell.


Was really hoping to come back with a 4.10 8.8 to continue the thread from yesterday.

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