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Hey Ma!!! Look what followed me home


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Got some new-to-me stuff the other day. Not as impressive as the guy who brought home a new pick-up. But certainly better priced....



Marquette Star Jet torches, with a cutting head, #1 and #5 brazing heads. 20 foot regular hoses and 30 foot extension hoses and the bottles, which are still a bit in them, plus a basket of of assorted gloves, an apron and leather sleeves.


Total Price.....FREE!!! Gotta love it when Dad decides he has too much stuff he isn't going to use any longer. Plus this way if he needs it.. I have it for him.


This little helper also followed me home the other day. It took a bit of trading to get it. But its one of those nice things to have around when you need it.


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You are going to secure those bottles and not try to use them free standing like that? I know. You just got them home and couldn't wait to take the pic.


Yes... I just put them together for the picture. They are already tucked away in the dungeon-esque garage until I can get proper mountings for them.

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