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Coil replacement

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I just had my 87 MJ's coil go bad. My question is I would like to know if I would be able to pull one from a inline 6 and use it . I realize the spark would be more with a coil from a 6 but I would like to know if anyone else has done this. I hope that it is possible so I can just get a JY one, and use it for now . Luckily I have another MJ in the garage I was able to steal the coil from and thats how I knew it was bad.

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According to my research while working on such a project a while ago, the 4cyl and 6cyl RENIX ICMs (ignition control module + coil) are the same exact part number. I forget what it is but it starts with 3300. So you can use any ICM off an 87-90 4cyl or 6cyl.

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Even more info - at least some years of RENIX YJs will work too. I pulled the same exact module off a rusted out RENIX YJ with the 4cyl at my local pull-a-part a few months ago.



There ARE NO Renix YJs. The YJ remained carbureted until 1991, when all the Jeep models changed over to the Chrysler "HO" configuration.

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So I guess it is safe to say the 4.2L coil is the same too :dunno:

Must be.


What the heck -- a coil is a coil. All it does is convert 12 volts into 60,000 volts. It fires one cylinder at a time, so it doesn't care if the engine is a 4 banger, 6 cylinder, or "Vee Ayte."

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