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AX-15 Swap External Slave/Clutch Problem Please Help

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Ok, here is what I installed:


-'95 XJ External Slave Bellhousing mated to a '90 AX-15 (same size input shaft and pilot bearing as the Ba-10), using a mopar '95 XJ one piece pre-bled plastic master/slave assembly.


-New Pilot bearing, New Clutch, New Throwout Bearing


I finally got everything buttoned up tonight, but now she won't go into gear when running? The clutch pedal has good resistance (better than pre-swap). It grinds when I try to go to Reverse and it won't go into any forward gear.


With the truck off, I can shift through all the gears no problem. :???:


I checked the slave pushrod and it is seated in the fork cup. I tried to turn the adjustment? nut on the opposite side of the bellhousing, but it just turned with the bolt... :???: :(

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Hi Geonovast,


Yup that was the problem... duh :dunce: . After reading volumes of info on this swap I somehow missed that important detail. :doh:


Got the part next-day air from man-trans LLC out of Tallahassee, FL for $80 including seal and rtv, dealer lists it at $302.





This trans is like night and day compared to the pukegoat! :banana:

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