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Clutch master cylinder slow leak into cab...GRUMBLE GRUMBLE

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Yes, the clutch master cylinder is leaking into the cab. Luckily it does not appear to be leaking fast. Only leaks with lots of shifting. It also appears to be leaking onto the floor, and missing the fuse panel completely. Thank god for little things I suppose. I did get some funny looks from a co-worker or two..."whats that liquid all over your left shoe? Did you miss the toilet?" :wall:


I shifted the floor mat up so it catches any leaks overnight, if there are any.


I've never replaced the clutch master cylinder before. Yes it has been replaced, but last time it was by a mechanic. I'd like to replace it myself and save a little money. Plus I'll learn something in the process.


I searched but couldn't find any DIY posts on how to replace the master cylinder. Anyone kind enough to point me in the right direction? I did see one post about the CMC simply being loose? Where can I check to tighten it?


Many thanks.

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sounds like the seal on the back blew out. not sure if u can order a new seal or not. the cmc is like 30 at parts store. its 2 bolts and a brake line in the engine bay and a nut and bolt holding the shaft to the pedal. its very simple to replace yourself. i would not pay a mechanic to do it. costs way to much

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If you do it yourself you'll need to wedge a combination wrench on the firewall in the engine compt. to hold the nut while you loosen the bolt from inside the cab. There's one stud and one nut/bolt combination (at least it isn't Torx!). I bled with a vacuum bleeder and it works fine. I think it took 2-3 hrs total.

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