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Which would you start with?(update)

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I have recently done lots of mods to the mj but haven't really given it the shake down. So to the point, I took it out and really twisted it up on some trails and noticed that when engaged in 4wd I get a squeelin noise from something obviously turning. So should I change the u-joints on the front driveshaft or front axles? I'm leaning towards the drive shaft because of the 6.5" lift that is installed. But second opinions never hurt.

Thanks Chris :cheers:

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Kind of limited on the info, but if I was to take a guess, this is what I would do.

Remove, inspect, rebuild front DS. Drive it without the DS installed, no noise, problem found.

Actually sounds like the front double cardan joint wants attention (rebuilt). Not hard to do, plenty of online help.

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I don't think changing the actual joints will be an issue I've pounded on those a time or two. But I've never had a u joint make this kind of noise. I usually get that clunk noise not a squeel. But my logic was those joints sat at stock height for who knows how long and now I added this big lift and changed what they were wore into. :dunno:

as far as the axle, picked it up from a cc member and he said the ujoints were pretty new so that's why I thought driveshaft.

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Myself, I used the centering ball rebuild kit which was about half the cost of a whole new centering ball assy.

It was kind of a b**** getting the old race out, I used a Dremmel tool (very carefully) to cut a slot in the old race to get it out.

To me it was worth the effort as I did not have to buy a whole new centering ball assy.

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