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MJ Mag?


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Not many magazines have anything about a truck they only made 190,000 of, and I'll bet of which half still exist. JP is a good one for XJ stuff, and Jeep Junkie, which I find from time to time.


Occasionally, you will catch an MJ in the readers rigs, but RARELY and I MEAN RARELY will you find a piece with the MJ in the limelight.


Last time I saw that, it was in JP, and they were talking about common problems with the leaky fuel rails on XJ's, and they used an MJ as a demo.


Rob L.

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That is because the MJ that was used for JP magazine was (still is) Pete Trasborg's. He is a member both on here and NAXJA. I will let him speak up if he wants too.


Sadly his red MJ burned pretty badly a couple years ago on the side of the highway. I think he is going to try and fix it last I heard.

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