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'86 MJ transmission dilemna

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If you have read some of my recent posts you know I am really struggling to find a transmission fix for resurrecting my '86 MJ that I bought with a bad 2.8 V6, 2wd, and 904 automatic. I have a 3.4 camaro motor to put in, but found the 904 auto was shot also. My latest find is a 904 auto and 231 transfer case out of a 2.5l wrangler. From what I can find the 904 should bolt right up to the 3.4, I am a little unsure about the converter and flexplate fit. My bigger question is will the 231 from a wrangler work in the mj, yes I am planning on putting the transfer case in now because I think in the future I will want to go to 4wd and therefore that will already be done. Can anyone give me advice if this combo should work before I spend the money on it.

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I don't think that the flex plate is gona give you problems and the 231 will fit but the wranglars are suposed to be clocked different so it might contact the floor a bit but thats nothing a BFH can't handle . Another option you can also look into the chevy s10 as the 4wd were d-side drop , and they had the 700r4 / 231 combo or a 5 speed t5/231 (i think it was the t5) . anyhow i was looking into doing the 700r4/231 combo due to the fact that a friend has it laying around his house but my 5 speed is still working and as for the s10 231 clocking I'm unsure .

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