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So I used to have an XJ from 98-2005 and WK from 2005-2007 which I traded in for a jetta due to gas prices. However my uncle recently gave me his 1988 MJ since he didn't need it anymore. It has about 140,000 miles on it, 4.0L manual transmission 4WD, and it's been to Alaska and back! I am in the process of fixing a few things on it to get it state inspected ready, last thing I have to do are the reverse lights. Mechanically it's in pretty good shape I haven't noticed any issues (though I haven't driven it at highway speeds on public roads yet).


Anyway here she is:






And a pic of my old jeeps side by side :D




I plan on lifting it 3" and putting 31" tires on it, and cleaning it up real nice. It has a lot more stuff to fix once I get it state inspected, but they're only minor like interior lights, headliner, speakers, etc...


One dilemma I do have is the side of the bed is rusting behind and about an inch above the flares. What is the best way of going about fixing this? I don't have any experience doing body work but more than willing to learn. Thanks!

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