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Awww...isn't that specail.


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I spend most of my free time with the Greyhound Rescues. Occasionally I get asked the question "Why don't you spend your time helping PEOPLE". Well, let me tell you my idea of how this animal thing goes.


People, more or less, can take care of themselves. But, more importantly, since dogs can not fill out a form as most are illiterate, they can not apply for aid themselves. But it doesn't stop there. Unlike humans, who were either created by their maker, aliens, or evolution(or insert your viewpoint here) - dogs have scientifically been proven to have been created by man. We spent thousands of years turning what is basically a Gray Wolf in to a domesticated animal(some mitochondrial DNA suggests tens of thousands of years - which means we have evolved with dogs - unlike any other animal or pet). An animal that is a companion, one that can easily read your state of mind and learn how to interact with you, one that is loyal - oftentimes protect you unto death, and incredibly rarely will bite the hand that feeds it, and oftentimes is very dependent upon being near or with humans. I only know 2 humans on the planet that I can elevate to the level of loyalty my canines give me, and neither of them protect me when I sleep or alert me if anything is amiss, let alone let me rub their bellies whenever I damn well please.





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