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inverted dashlights

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hi all,


i've been looking through the forum for quite some time, but haven't found this question so far. hopefully someone knows of this problem.


i think that my headlight switch must be going bad. when the truck is running, the dashlights are on. but when i turn the headlights are on, the dashlights shut off. it's sort of a problem. the radio is an aftermarket deal that my brother put in, but i don't know if that has anything to do with it. (he's not so electronically gifted)


i just got this truck from my little brother because i'm at college and don't drive much, so i traded him (bad idea). anyways, it doesn't pose much of a problem at the moment, because the master cylinder on the clutch is bad anyways (waiting on a new one - any suggestions?)


just thought that this was odd. i don't have the wiring diagrams with me, so i can't look it up.



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