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Mig Wire Sale


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Got this in the e-mail the other day........hurry, the sale ends the 25th :eek:


This is from HTP/America Inc, good company, bought a lot from them, and never had a problem with products or shipping ;)


http://www.usaweld.com/030-ER70S-6-Stee ... /21030.htm


http://www.usaweld.com/035-ER70S-6-Stee ... /21035.htm


http://www.usaweld.com/023-ER70S-6-Stee ... /21023.htm

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That's a great price! I just paid $32 for my last 10 lb. Spool .035 :rant:



That's why I started buying from them, on e-bay, 2 - 10 spools with shipping for $40.


And yea, I checked my supply, I have 3 spools on hand, but......still might grab a couple at this price :D

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