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trucks starting to run horrible any advice?

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my truck when i first bought it was alittle hard to start but its slowly getting worst and now takes alot of cranks then revs pretty high. and now also it almost feels like the tranny is slipping but its a standard so that doesn't make sense it just kinda stutters like won't go full then stutters and then grabs. would you think this is more a fuel problem or maybe a clutch? i did get stuck and was revving it pretty hard.



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Maybe you glazed the clutch plate a little. If its an engine problem it never hurts to suck a half can of Seafoam into it now & then just to clean things up. Directions on side of can. But, until you investigate and diaagnois symptons it's like Russian roulette.

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Your question is really open ended......


Like what engine, year, mileage.....ect.


The hard cranking could be CPS starting to go bad.


The high idle at start and hard cranking could be the Throttle Body needs a good cleaning, including the IAC and adjustment to the stepper motor.


The clutch chatter could be 'hot spots' on the flywheel, and slipping, bad clutch disk.


Take a breeze thru the DIY section and check out on what to test, then it can be narrow down ;)

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we need more info and clearer definitions of your problems, but your problems can be fixed!


if you're new to the truck i would start with a tune-up including quality cap/rotor/wires, champion copper plugs, and i also suggest a MOPAR crank sensor as preventative maintenance. (don't buy aftermarket on this one, should run you about 90$)


also with the tune-up check the air filter, replace fuel filter and clean the throttle body.


check the engine for broken vacuum lines and check all the fluids while you're at it. (diffs, transmission too)

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i have owned the jeep for almost two years now i haven't had to do much to it yet when i bought it i did oil changes and coolent flush and all the other oils in the truck. but i have not changed any of the vacuums or anything but the engine was rebuilt a while before i bought it i think 19000 miles

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