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Sub Box and Sub gotta have it!!

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I think I found my perfect setup. It's from a new/old company called Soundstream. This is the perfect fit box and sub. It's small and very narrow to fit behind the seat without the usual compromise of moving your seat forward. The sub is only 2" deep and it's made of aluminum, even the cone! So I think I will try one and see how it performs. The box is 30" wide 14.5" tall 2.4" deep on top and only 5" on bottom.





Here goes:

http://soundstream.com/AudioProducts/Su ... tealth.htm


The box is at the bottom of the page.

Any interest anyone?

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How much is it?



$165 from one company when I googled it. Yes lots of companies make these subs but soundstream is the most shallow driver made and it costs much less than the JL audio sub at around $400 for the sub alone. Soundstream used to be one of the most winning sound off companies in the U.S, but as usual they went bankrupt and someone bought them out. I still think it's worth a listen.

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Let us know how it is. At $165 that's pretty cheap. What amp will you use with it?



I am going to use a Zapco studio 204, front two channels on my Diamond Audio 5-1/4" components in the doors and bridge the rear two channels to run the 10" sub. The sub is rated at 200 watts RMS so 150 from a quality amp should be just right, if not I still have a studio 500. :D

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