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my 2wd to 4wd 'Manche build.....time to go fast(er)

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where to start.........i've had a love affair with comanche's for going on 20 years, i had one back in high school and being young and stupid i sold it back around 1994


been wheeling this for the last few years




fast forward to a few weeks ago......found this for $400



the plan includes..........so far i have the steel and parts below


a full cage from bumper to bumper, tied into everything....and i mean everything


one ton axles....ford d50/sterling, geared 5.13 and locked


boat sided, dove nosed and dovetailed about 18 inches


streched wheelbase to 120 inches


shooting for around 20" belly and 6 foot overall


fox remote resivoir shock and air bumps all around


suspension seats


37" iroks.....


oh, and I'm trying to do this for no $$$$..........basically if i want something for this rig i have to use what i have laying around or sell something


so here are a few pics......and i'll be back with some questions i hope ya'll can help me with


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