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1992 2wd 5 spd

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Hi everyone, Couple ?s going to convert to 4wd what i need to no is will front and rear diff and drive shafts out of a 86 2.5 comanche work in the 92. I also have access to diffs and drive shafts out of a 90 with a 4.0 in it . next ? will the trans and transfer case out of the 90 work in the 92 both are complete trucks. Any pros or cons to either one thanks in advance. I will take pics and post them when i start

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what are the specs of your '92? what are your future goals for this truck?


if '92 has a 2.5 use 2.5 axles for the lower gears, if it has 4.0 and you plan to lift it you may want the lower gears of the 2.5 axles.


mounting is the same


remember when ordering axle parts, bearings brakes etc. they changed through the years


tranys will swap to like motors, but for eze use like transmitions

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