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low idle

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If the IAC is good *and clean*


There is a small adjustment screw on the back of the TB throttle arm that can be adjusted for idle.


Seam to know someone whom used a manual TB with a AW4 swap, and had to make this adjustment :D

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Generally, the IAC will cause high idle at start-up, and rough idling.


Also check your MAP, make sure the vacuum line is clear and connected on both ends.


Another possible cause is the EGR valve, I had one so bad, it would choke the engine right out, I disconnected it, and plugged the vacuum line *we don't have sniffer test here on anything before '96*


And.......while your at it, check ALL the vacuum lines, one loose/cracked hose could cause rough idling.

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On the vacume lines were they all go together by the valve cover. Is this something i can buy at auto part store. i don't know what it is called


:hmm: :dunno:


You mean the tree??? Where all the lines connect???


I don't think a parts store would have a part like that.........JY is your only bet. You could check the "Help" section to see first :dunno:

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