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Hello all , "new" 1986 MJ in the group

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Hi, everyone, I just got me a 1986 mJ, 4 Banger, Manual 4 speed Tranny, Long Box, 110k miles ,

It has a little hail damage and the grill is in bad shape, a reason to change the front grill, only if I could put my hands on a jeep 2500 grill... but it seems I will have to settle for a 2000 grill.

I feel like a painter in front of white canvas ....

Pictures will be uploaded in any moment

I am doing a lot of maintenance before anything else: Battery and clutch cylinders replaced, new exhaust and change all oils and filters. Then it will be change the grill and fenders, check the floor inside ( the car was parked years ago with problems with the slave clutch cylinder)

Will contine the post in a moment

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I was thinking in buying one of those front kits, from ebay, everything less the headlights, and replace the fenders also, I have 2 options buy them original for the year or for the 2000, then add a used driver side door, a few rust spots fixed including floor, paint and it should be as good as new.

Now my biggest inconvenience is to replace the slave clutch cylinder. What a pain! do I have to cut a hole in the floor?

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No it is an external slave , I can see it, I have the replacement, I tried to purge it to test the rest of clutch, I can't even loose the purge fitting at the cylinder. I see brake fluid dripping from the inside of the bellhousing.

I was thinking it is a AX4 because the shift knob shows only 4 front speeds, when I was trying to purge it I saw that black "spacer" in the middle so it seems to be a 5 speed (Score)

What does the book say about the steps to replace it?

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I wouldnt mess with ebay,just go to the local wrecking yard and pull everything you need off a cherokee.


you should have an internal slave so your gonna be pulling the tranny

I tried, the local junkyard in town does not have any header/grill


Anyone here located in ND? I live in Dickinson ND

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Hello all, just here with an update of everything done,

Engine: oil and air filter, oil and thermostat change

new exhaust and battery

new master and slave clutch cylinders

The truck has 110 k miles and drives like that, with the engine on the only noise is the clicking of the fuel injector no noises from tranny, transfer case or axles , shifts like new, clutch perfect , no chatter.

Took it to the highway up to 65 mph,and it drives straight,

Now the bad news:

The axles are 3.54

Years ago I had a cherokee 86 with the 2.6 v6 engine, and I remember it had 4.11 axles, so now my best option is to find a parts cherokee white and with 4.11 axles., unless I find a pair of comanche 4.56 or 4.11 axles and hope more for a d44 rear axle.

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