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got the kiddo a rig now!

MiNi Beast

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Yeah got the 6 yr her early 7th B-day present, getting the kinks worked out yet but should be good to go by tomorrow.

got the rig about done for the little ones. told her now she has her own rig, she was so happy to get it but it was ugly green, so she wanted me to paint it up with her favorite colors and put her nick name on it, "Big Princess".


not done yet, still need the nick names behind head rest, ORV tag, flag mounted, and going to redo the seat as well, mount jerry can in the back, and since I up the small sprocket up one tooth size have to up the chain as well, then last but not least going to add some night lights! jamminz.gif



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Years ago my daughter's then boyfriends's little sister had an off road go kart. She must have been ~9 at the time I think. Absolutely fearless in that thing.


Her mother quit watching her ride it, as her heart would stop every few minutes...

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