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Re-attaching fiberglass

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I found a windshield visor on the side of the highway (no kidding!) and grabbed it. It looks like it's about 1-2" too wide on each side, but otherwise fits on angle and such. Is their a way to reattach the fiberglass pieces if I cut the 1" out of it on each side between the outside and inside marker lights? Thanks

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If it's smooth all the way across take the cut out of the middle. Only one patch that way. If it has ridges then cut alongside them. Help hide the cut. If it's smooth you have 2 options.

1, sand down about 1/8 of an inch.2" on both sides of cut. This will make the patch even.

2. Deliberately build up the patch, making a peak or crown.

Number one caution. Make sure surface is CLEAN before applying any resin.

Good Luck. Jim

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