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problems with shaking

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i have an 86 comanche with 3 in lift and 31's when I'm doing about 50 up if i hit to many bumps my entire front ends starts shaking and can't stop shaking till i get to about 35 40 i have no idea what it is stabalizer shock ?????

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I haven't had it aligned cuz my alignment is good but I took it to a shop and they said it was to old but ill try it.

Too old for an alignment?? That's like too old to rock n roll!! FIND ANOTHER SHOP!!! :roll: ;) :D


I agree, it sounds like the beginnings of death wobbles, but not nearly as bad as they can be. True DW cannot be stopped till you get the truck fully stopped, compose yourself, remove your white knuckled hands from the wheel, circle the truck numerous times to see what fell off and then get used to driving with your new home built "finger grooved" steering wheel!! LOL


Eagle is one of our resident masters on the DW subject. He gives it to you straight...



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