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Gas Leak

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I had a new gas tank put in. I was working on my no blinker issue so when I kept turning the key on the fuel pump would come on. I started smelling gas so I looked under and noticed some fuel coming out of where the fuel sending unit goes into the tank. Is there something I can seal it with or do you think there is another issue?

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Very common problem where the 2 steel lines enter the sending unit cap, the lines are soldered to the cap, and after time, the solder becomes loose, and leaks.


You can take the sending unit out, clean it up, and re-solder, or braze the lines back on the cap. But, first, remove the wire harness, so you don't melt the plastic connector and the wires, and reinstall it with a new O-ring under the connector, and a new snap nut on the inside.

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its easy to do. just like wildman said. i never ran into a problem with the hard lines leaking but the reason was the pressure build up from your key being on. and off som many times


pull your fuel pump relay or disconnect the plug back there by the pump so it does not kick on and off and build extreme pressure. and cause a leak.

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