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Need size of rear window glass

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I broke my rear window getting it out and am going to replace it with Lexan so i can cut the holes for the roll bar. My problem is that i need to know the approximite size I need to cut the lexan. A template would be nice or a tracing on brown paper. Anybody got a window lying around, even a slider? It looks like the bottom is flat, sides are straight, and the top has a slight bow in it.


I think i could get by with a drawing showing the bottom width, top width, the height from the top corners to the bottom, the height in the middle, then the height at one or two points between the center and one side. I could approximite the curve from these points.


The Lexan was over $100.00 s i don't want to screw it up and have to buy another. If you can help, let me know.



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