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'86 2.5 No Start

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I've been doing more digging on an '86 MJ with the 2.5. The original CL ad stated that it needs a timing chain & after talking with another person also trying figure out WTF on this thing i found out it has a new(ish) engine.


Did these things have a CPS? I know it could be a great many things, but i would like to hear some of the more common issues that would cause a crank but no start situation.


I don't know if it is getting spark, or fuel for that matter. They have changed from $1200 down to $800 & maybe lower if i try... I'm considering just buying the thing & testing my luck, but i've already got one semi dead MJ in the drive the wife would kill me if there were two.



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When I got my 88 it would not start at all. Turns out the connector on the CPS harness had gotten wet and was corroded. I took it apart and used some CRC electrical cleaner and a small wire brush and cleaned it up good.


Truck fired up on the first crank after that. Just something to look into.

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Same here. I unplugged the CPS connector and made the resistance check. Checked good. Hooked it back up and it ran. Just rubbing the contacts was enough to clean them. A word of caution about getting a non runninig car started B4 buying. I was looking at a 1968 Cadillac I wanted. The seller originally wanted $1600 for it. It would start but would die after a couple seconds and wouldn't start again.He had dropped the price down to $500. After checking it out I jammed the choke open. It started and ran fine. Needless to say the owner immediately raised the price back to $1600. I told him where he could park it. A word to the wise is sufficient.

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