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Just replaced my Manifold Gasket.

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What a PITA!!! The front exhaust port had burned through the gasket about 5 years ago minimum I am guessing, so I was tired of the MJ sounding like a dive bomber.


Bad news, I mistakenly allowed the CPS wire to rest on the exhaust and I cooked the wire beyond all recognition. Its okay, I have spliced this on a buddies XJ before and it worked beautifully for the life of the vehicle, just gotta do mine.


Would recommend to anybody if your going to do the replacement of the manifold gasket, don't cheap out, this wasn't an easy job.

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They get easier once you learn some tricks. I can swap mine out in about an hour now, I think the first one took about 4 hours. 9/16 and 1/2" ratchet wrenches should be all you need to get everything off and back on, if you unhook the exhaust you'll need something for that too.

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