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rad hose question?

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I don't have a part number, but I've always just gone into the parts store and asked for a lower rad hose. They've always fixed me right up. As far as years go, I believe they're all the same 84-90 and beyond. Don't know too much about the years beyond 96.


You will hear that the earlier models have a spring in them to keep them from collapsing under suction stress. I have been to the dealership (two of them) and was told they don't make them like that anymore. If you're concerned about the spring, re-use your old one if possible. Just ask for a Gates or Goodyear hose. Buy the more expensive one.

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:popcorn: another idea is to get some two inch copper tubing and a few elbow fittings.


My dad did this one time when his hose blew and and he was not able to get a replacement. it is still in his truck now. double clamped four inch rubber tubbing at both end to allow for flexing. still going strong with no leaks for over six years now

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