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Hub assembly replacement

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Searched a few pages, but didn't find what i needed. Need to replace my hub assemblies, and to keep labor costs down, want to do it myself. Just trying to see how difficult it is to do. I do know that the old hubs a re a pain to get off. Just looking for some help, or whether or not i am going to try this myself or take it somewhere

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theyre relatively easy.... pull the caliper and rotor off, remove the axle nut, and theres three either 12 point or reverse torx (not sure it's been a while) bolts on the backside of the spindle that hold the bearing in place.. assuming that all of those bolts come out no problem, then you usually have to beat on the bearing with a BHH (big honkin' hammer) till it pops out

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They're 12 point 13mm bolt heads. One at 12 o'clock, one at 4, and one at 8.


Take the axle nut off, and the three bolts. Thread the one towards the back of the truck(4 o'clock for driver's, 8 o'clock for passenger) in a few threads. Here you can either put a socket and extension on it, and turn the wheel to pop it off, or if you have extra bolts, whack it with a BFH.


When you're putting the new one on, grease up where it contacts the knuckle, it should make it a lot easier to pull off in the future.

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